Plaza Midwood Homes For Sale


Plaza Midwood is one of Charlotte’s most diverse and eclectic areas. Located just northeast of Uptown, the area is home to a thriving business district, a picturesque historic neighborhood, and one of Charlotte’s most prestigious country clubs. Enjoy a scenic drive down The Plaza, a tree lined boulevard through the heart of Plaza Midwood and the location of the historic Van Landingham Estate Inn and Conference Center. The business district features an exciting mix of locally owned restaurants, antique and art galleries, boutique shops for clothing and accessories and more!

The predominant residential neighborhood is Midwood with many bungalow style homes restored to their turn of the century charm. Plaza Midwood was first established in 1910 as a streetcar suburb of Charlotte. The Oakland Land Company was responsible for the layout of the roads within the neighborhood. Through the Great Depression, Plaza Midwood would thrive, before its decline commenced in the 1950s.

By 1975, the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association was established to protect and preserve the neighborhood.
Since the mid-1990s, the area has seen a dramatic comeback as reinvestment has transformed once dilapidated homes into funky urban dwellings. Its continued redevelopment has spilled over into other surrounding neighborhoods, and resulted in the overall renaissance of the former inner-ring suburbs of old Charlotte.

Plaza-Midwood's Historic District is located in the western section of the neighborhood and is maintained by residents and business operators. The area along The Plaza, Thomas Avenue and parts of Pecan and Clement were designated as a Local Historic District in 1992. The district is now regulated by the Historic District Commission.